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What are the criteria to get a $1500 loan?

To request a $1,500 loan with Loanza, you may need to meet the following requirements:

  • You are over 18 years of age 
  • You are an American citizen
  • Your monthly income is $800 or more
  • You have a current account (needed for depositing your funds)

Can I get a $1500 loan with bad credit?


With Loanza, all credit scores are welcome. Our wide panel of lenders offer loans to borrowers from all backgrounds, including those with poor credit history.

They aim to assess affordability instead of obsessing over your credit history. As long as you have a stable, regular income that allows you to afford monthly loan repayments, you will always be considered.

The good news is, that if you borrow $1,500 and you pay it back with on-time monthly repayments, your credit rating could improve. This could help you get better loans in the future.

What areas can you offer these $1500 loans in?

Loanza operates in all of the U.S. states which allow payday loans. In some states, the loan amount, and in others, the interest rates on loans are limited by legislation.

Some states we are operating in are:

Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas, to name a few.

We do not operate in states where payday loans are not authorized, such as New York.

Can I borrow $1,500 with no credit check?

At Loanza, we want to help everyone, including those looking for a no credit check loan. However, bear in mind, that when you proceed to take out a loan with a lender, a credit check is usually carried out.

Why use Loanza to borrow $1,500 online?

At Loanza, we have a wide network of trusted lenders, who can offer you a $1,500 loan today. With so many options available, it can be hard to navigate and find what’s best for you.

We are here to help you connect with a suitable lender who can meet your borrowing needs. Our best-in-class technology provides the fastest and simplest customer experience.

Fill in our 2-minute online form and connect with a lender who is ready to help. Our service is completely free – there are no hidden costs and no obligations.

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Is Loanza a direct lender?

No, Loanza is not a direct lender but a loan connection service. We can connect you to a direct lender that is willing to provide you a loan. We help thousands of borrowers every day to find a loan offer.

Is Loanza free to use?

Yes. Loanza is always completely free to use, there are no hidden fees attached. If you decide to proceed with the lender we connect you with, there may be fees attached to your loan (such as your interest rate), so make sure you read all the terms before taking out a loan.

Can I repay my loan early?

Repaying your loan early is always an option. Discuss it with your lender to understand the conditions (there may be a minimum term or an early repayment fee).

How much does a $1500 loan cost?

The total cost of your $1500 loan will depend on the interest rate and loan term you are offered. The lower the interest rate and the shorter the loan term, the cheaper your loan is going to be.

Let’s say you borrow $1,500 over 6 months, with an interest rate of 70%. The total amount you will need to pay back is $1,820.70, out of which $320.70 is the interest.

If you pay it back in 3 months instead, you’ll pay only $178.32 in interest. You can always use a payday loan calculator to help you figure out the costs of your loan, but your lender should provide you with these details before you agree to take out the loan.

How do repayments work for a $1500 loan?

Repayments on a $1500 loan are taken automatically from your account on a day that you agree with your lender. Most of the time this date is set to be a few days after the borrower’s pay date from their job. Repayments are the same amount each month.

What happens if I cannot repay on time?

If you miss a repayment, you could be charged a late repayment fee. It will also show up on your credit file and damage your score. If you know in advance that you may struggle with making the repayment date, it’s best to contact your lender to discuss it. Lenders are usually helpful with making arrangements to help avoid excess fees and hurting your credit score.

What do I need to consider before applying for a $1500 loan?

The biggest thing you should consider is the affordability of the loan. Will you be able to afford the monthly repayments? You don’t want to get into further financial strain by falling behind your loan repayments.

Calculate your income minus your expenses, and leave a buffer amount for emergencies and unexpected expenses. What you’re left with is what you can afford to spend on your monthly loan repayments.

Bear in mind, that if you take a loan over a longer period, your monthly repayments will be lower, but the total amount you will pay back is going to be higher.

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