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Rates and Fees

Our services are totally free to you! We do not charge any fees for connecting you with lenders. We do not provide loans and we do not have any influence over the rates and terms of our lenders.

Since Loanza is not a lender, we are not able to provide you with information on actual rates, fees, and APR (annual percentage rates) with the loan you may receive. Rates and terms of loans may vary by state and by lender.

After connecting you with a lender, and the loan is approved, the interest rates and fees that you will incur during repayment will be provided to you. This is a requirement of the Truth in Lending Act. If you agree to the rates and fees, the lender will direct you to an e-signature page, and your loan will be processed.

What happens if I don’t pay the loan back on time or don’t pay it back at all?

You are agreeing to pay a loan back after you accept the terms and conditions of the loan offered to you by the lender you are connected with. Partial payment, non-payment or late payment of your loan may result in additional fees, legal collection action and/or your failure to pay being reported to a consumer reporting agency.

Each lender has differing conditions and terms for their loans. Many lenders are willing to work with you if you should need some help. If you have questions or need more information, please call the lender directly. Let them know that you were connected with them through Loanza, and they will be happy to help. If you have any issue contacting them, please let us know.

What is the renewal policy for these types of loans?

Every lender has different Renewal policies. Some lenders may agree to alternative payment options resulting in a renewed loan and additional loan fees. Please make sure to review your lender’s renewal policies, and make your payment preferences known to your lender. If you have questions or need more information on renewal policies, please call your lender directly. Please let them know that you were connected with them through Loanza, and they will be happy to

Disclosure of Renewal Policy

Extending the repayment terms of a loan may result in additional interest paid, as well as late fees, which can significantly increase the total amount you pay back on a loan. In most cases the loan renewal policies are regulated by the state government.

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