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Being in debt is stressful. Simplifying your finances with a debt consolidation loan could be the perfect solution.

Debt consolidation is simple, and it can be an effective way to approach a debt management plan, get your affairs in order and reduce stress as quickly as possible.

Debt is a huge part of modern-day life for many of us, the cost of living is spiralling, and the income levels simply aren't keeping up. Perhaps you've had to put unexpected payments on credit cards, taken out small loans or maybe we have made small payments here and there using credit cards and overdrafts. Before you know it, a few payments can lead to multiple repayments each month with huge amounts of interest on top.

Sometimes we end up with multiple payments coming out every month, at different times. It can be hard to keep track. Before you know a few missed payments here and there have resulted in further fees, a damaged credit score and maybe, even bad credit overall!

If any of this sounds familiar, then personal loans for debt consolidation, bad credit could be the answer to your financial concerns.

So What Exactly Is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process of combining all of your debts into one debt. Think of it as one more loan and new debt to tackle all of your existing loans and debts. It's a refinancing method and great debt management plan. The idea is simple - you take out a loan and use the money to pay off your existing debts. You are then left with one debt to pay off in one monthly repayment at a fixed interest rate.

Debt consolidation is usually carried out by using one of the following; personal loan, debt consolidation loan, home equity loan or credit card balance transfer. The main advantages of debt consolidation are the availability to obtain a lower interest rate, save money, and simplify your monthly repayments into one new loan to pay off your debt. You may even be able to lower the amount of your monthly repayments overall, which would be a lifesaver for many of us.

The process of using new debt to pay off existing debt is far simpler and less risky than you may think.

You may be concerned that with existing debt, or bad credit score, you wouldn't be eligible but that's not true, debt consolidation loans with bad credit can be easy to obtain. You should be able to get a debt consolidation loan online with no hassle at all! Many online lenders that Loanza works with have no minimum credit score requirement.

Loanza strives to help you get a debt consolidation loan for your personal circumstances. Our goal is to connect you to a reputable lender who is likely to approve your request for loans for bad credit. Using Loanza can also help you steer clear of predatory lenders.

What Debts Can I Consolidate?

Debt consolidation loans for bad credit may help you manage recurring lines of credit and high-cost loans that may incur steep late fees and interest fees. Typical examples of this type of debt include general credit cards, retail credit cards, gas cards, payday loans, and title loans. Consolidating student loans with bad credit consolidation loans is also a popular option.

What Is A Debt Consolidation Loan?

A debt consolidation loan allows you to combine your existing high-interest debts, like credit cards, loans and student loans into one manageable monthly payment; your new personal loan with a lower rate.

This new loan is used to pay off all of your existing debt payments in order to help you with debt management. This will usually mean that you are paying lower interest overall. You can also get rid of all of your scattered, high interest, monthly payments and make just one monthly payment! A debt consolidation loan is also likely to help save money, it's a no brainer!

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Debt Consolidation With Bad Credit

Loan consolidation for bad credit isn't a different process, whether your credit score is unharmed yet or you need loan consolidation bad credit. Consolidation loan with bad credit is the same as consolidation loans with ok credit and fico score. The only thing that might change is the interest rate.

Whether you need bill consolidation loans for bad credit or credit card consolidation bad credit, Loanza's network of lenders strives to help. They also aim to get you good rates and fees available.

Payment history contributes to your credit score calculation, so it’s an important part of your credit profile. When juggling multiple payments, you risk a payment falling through the cracks. With a debt consolidation loan, you’re left with one payment to manage, meaning fewer chances to miss a payment.

What Are The Advantages of Debt Consolidations For Poor Credit?

There may be several advantages of debt consolidation loans that you can benefit from including a lower interest rate, fixed monthly payments, and fewer payment due dates to keep track of. Let's look at the advantages of a bad credit debt consolidation loan in a little more detail:

One Monthly Payment

If you use debt consolidation loans for bad credit to your best advantage, all of your monthly debt repayments become one—That's just one payment monthly to cover all of your personal debts.

Avoid High Interest Rates

A debt consolidation loan bad credit direct lender may even be able to reduce the amount of interest that you are paying monthly, especially if you have credit cards. The average credit card interest rate is much higher than that of a personal loan and isn't as tightly regulated. Combining your debts is likely to result in you paying far less interest overall.

Get Out of Debt Faster

By combining your debts, especially credit card debts, you can escape the minimum payment trap that keeps many people in debt and forever paying huge amounts of interest. Instead, you can commit to paying a set amount, at a lower interest rate, for a set amount of years. Each payment you make is a dent in your debt. This allows you to get out of debt faster, especially compared to the minimum payment options on credit cards.

Protect Your Credit Score

A debt consolidation loan with bad credit can actually help you improve your credit. With only one payment at the same time each month, you are far less likely to accidentally miss a payment than when you have multiple monthly payments. Missed payments here and there can have dire consequences when it comes to your credit score, minimize the risk by reducing your payments.

Do I have To Consolidate All of My Debts?

No, it's completely up to you which debts you consolidate with a debt consolidation loan. If you do get a debt consolidation loan, it is in your best interest to consolidate everything. Or as many debts as possible.

This is the best option to improve your credit score, interest rates and monthly payments. It's also important to spend your new loan amount on paying off your existing debts.

A debt consolidation loan with bad credit will only work if you use it responsibly.

Get on the way to a debt-free life!

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Will A Debt Consolidation Loan Harm My Credit Score?

We have already established that online debt consolidation loans bad credit, or credit card consolidation loan with bad credit are available and that you are likely to get approved. But does taking out a personal loan for debt consolidation harm our credit scores?

In order to connect you with one of our trusted online lenders, Loanza uses your information submitted. When you are connected to one of the trusted lenders in our network, if you decided to go ahead and request a debt consolidation loan, online lenders may perform a soft or hard credit enquiry as part of the process. A soft search does not affect your credit scores.

There is no need to worry that your credit score is stopping approval, as we have mentioned, it is possible to get a consolidation loan with bad credit. They do this for several reasons, including confirming your identity, to check your credit and calculate the interest rate they can offer you, depending on how low your low credit score is.

When a hard enquiry is carried out your credit score may dip, this is completely normal, credit scores always dip when we take out a new loan. Again there is no need to worry. The credit score requirements shouldn't prevent you from being accepted.

In the long run, taking out personal loans can improve your credit as long as you stick to the loan terms and pay the loan amount and interest as agreed and on time.

Paying each payment on time contributes to your credit score calculation, so it’s an important part of your credit score requirements. Missed payments will show up on your credit report. When you are juggling multiple payments monthly, you risk a payment falling through the cracks. With a debt consolidation loan, you can be left with one monthly payment to manage. This means there are fewer chances to miss a repayment, plus you may be able to secure yourself a lower interest rate and save money.

Did you know that loan requests show on your credit report, and when declined, it can negatively impact our credit scores? If you're thinking about getting a debt consolidation loan submitting requests to multiple online lenders isn't the best idea. Not only is it time-consuming, but you could also harm your credit score.

Request a loan through Loanza instead; we aim to connect you to loans at affordable interest rates. Most of our lenders have no minimum credit score. This will save you time and might be able to boost your chances to get approved with minimised risk to your credit score.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed debt consolidation loans bad credit but if you use Loanza we can guarantee the process will be smoother.

Remember our lenders may check your credit report using a hard enquiry.

Alternatives To Debt Consolidation Loan For Bad Credit

Before you get a debt consolidation loan with bad credit, you should be completely aware of all the other options that may help you get out of debt. It is important to keep in mind alternative loan options and alternatives to loans altogether.

Here are some common alternatives to getting a debt consolidation loan.

Home Equity Loan

Another option for debt consolidation for bad credit is a home equity loan. A home equity loan is a loan that lets you borrow money using your home's equity as collateral. The loan amount would depend on your property's value and how much of it you own outright.

These type of personal loans can be risky as the loan terms mean that you may risk losing your home if you fail to hold yourself to the terms. It's more than your credit history at stake. While Loanza encourages responsible borrowing and makes sure that you can make your repayments and loan terms - you never know what life will throw at you so perhaps risking your home isn't the best idea.

No guarantee doing so would even secure you a lower interest rate.

Credit Union Loan

If you are a credit union member, you may wish to get a personal loan with them. Credit unions are not like banks or direct lenders. They are financial co-operatives run by members. Put simply; credit unions are not-for-profit organisations.

The profit credit unions make on interest rates and fees are returned to members in reduced origination fees, higher savings rates and lower interest rate availability. To take advantage of these reduced rates and fees, you have to be an existing credit union member.

Because they are independently run, the membership and loan request process can vary depending on your local credit union. A joining fee and membership application will likely be required.

Credit unions and online lenders are very different when it comes to the loan. request process. First, the membership application process may involve having to get involved with the local community, have a credit check, and perhaps attend an in-person meeting. Some credit unions may also have a minimum credit score to join. You can then request the loan, which can be quite a time-consuming process compared with online debt consolidation lenders bad credit.

Credit Cards

Believe it or not, credit card consolidation loan for bad credit can sometimes be avoided with another credit card. If you are only looking to consolidate credit card debt then a new credit card could be an alternative to an unsecured debt consolidation loans bad credit.

There are some banks and lenders who may offer interest-free balance transfers. A credit card balance is the total amount of money you owe the credit card. The idea is that you transfer that balance from one provider to another. The new provider will then allow you a period of interest-free credit from around 12-24 months. This can be very appealing for people looking for a debt consolidation loan with bad credit.

The thing is, the credit card balance transfers are not the best way to get out of debt quickly, and they could result in a long term unfavourable interest rate. Let's explore why...

Debt Consolidation Loans For Poor Credit vs Credit Card Balance Transfers

Credit card balance transfers can be appealing for those of us with a credit card debt paying large amounts of interest every month, especially if you are only managing to make the minimum monthly repayment. However, the danger is that once the interest-free period is over, you are likely to end up right back where you started, a few years down the line and maybe with even higher interest rates to pay off.

Personal loans can be a more efficient option in terms of getting out of debt. Debt consolidation offers one interest rate, and with your monthly payments, you can't get trapped in a cycle of paying the bare minimum each month.

A credit card balance transfer may require a minimum credit score. On top of that you can't really consolidate all debts, only transfer the balance of an existing credit card.

When is Debt Consolidation A Good Idea?

A debt consolidation loan is a good idea when you are ready to start taking control of your finances. Make the most of the situation you are in, lower your monthly payments and look towards a debt-free, interest-free future!

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So How Does Loanza Work?

Loanza's, completely free simple and quick!

Submit your loan request to Loanza within two minutes. It's completely free! We will help connect you to a loan available to you at affordable rates. Then you can simply review your loan terms and sign your agreement.

Some lenders will offer 'soft search' loans, and others will carry out a full credit approval which will show on your credit history. Please make sure that you read the fine print before submitting.

Banks and direct lenders will set their own requirements for loans, which you can view online before starting your request. This means that the information required may differ slightly from lender to lender. However, you can expect to be asked for the following personal information as standard:

Personal Details - Name, date of birth, home address, email address, phone number, SSN.

Income Details - Employment status, income amount, how often you are paid, employer's contact details.

Bank Account Details - You may be asked to provide the details of any banks you have open along with details of any savings.

The information you supply will be used to confirm your identity, carry out a credit check, assess your eligibility, and process your payment. You may be asked for further details as part of the initial questionnaire or before your request is processed fully.

Please remember to borrow responsibly and avoid unnecessary late fees by sticking to your repayment terms and making sure you pay each monthly payment on time. We recommend against borrowing a higher loan amount than you need.  A debt management plan from a nonprofit credit counselling agency could also help reduce your interest rate and pay off your debts. Contact your local credit counseling agency today if you are struggling.

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