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Loanza can help if you’re searching for a payday loan in Nevada today. We can connect you with a lender to borrow between $100 and $35,000. Get started today if you’re in Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, Henderson, or anywhere else in the Silver State. Apply online with Loanza and you could have your loan in an hour!*

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*If your loan is approved, you could receive your funds within an hour, although this will depend on the lender and it can take up to three days for your money to be deposited into your account.

How do I go about getting a Nevada payday loan?

It’s quick to get a payday loan in Nevada if you follow our three-stage process.

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Complete our online form in just three minutes with your name, Nevada address, and other details.

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We’ll connect you with one of our lending partners online in minutes. You can then read through your loan offer.

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Read all the loan terms, sign the agreement, and if the lender approves your request, you could receive your loan on the same day or next business day!

Am I eligible to get a payday loan in Nevada?

You’ll need to meet the following requirements to be able to request a payday loan in the state of Nevada:

  • You are older than 18 years of age
  • You are a US citizen
  • You must be able to afford your repayments
  • You must have a current account for the funds to be deposited into

What are the payday loans regulations in Nevada?

Price Cap
Maximum Loan Amount 25% of the monthly gross income of the borrower
Minimum Loan Term
Maximum Loan Term 35 days
Maximum Rollovers
Maximum Installments
Finance Charges


Representative Example of a $200 Payday Loan with 400% APR in Nevada:

  • You borrow $200 for 2 weeks (14 days)
  • Your 400% APR means you will pay $30 in interest
  • You will pay back $230 at the end of your loan term

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Is a Nevada payday loan the right loan for me?

Many borrowers throughout Nevada choose our service to help find a suitable loan for short-term needs. Even if you’re excellent at planning your finances, unexpected costs can crop up without notice.

A vet’s bill, a car repair, an urgent medical bill… you know the type of thing. A payday loan could help you cover that bill and get you through to your next paycheck.

If a payday loan seems right for you in your circumstances, and you’re able to afford to repay it, you could look for a Nevada payday loan with our help. Even if you’ve yet to establish a credit history or you have a bad credit history, we can help.

Loanza can help you find a payday loan in Nevada:

  • Apply online fast today
  • Options available even for bad credit customers
  • Get funded on the same or following business day

If you need a bigger loan, Loanza can still help you find a competitive installment loan or personal loan. In this case, a payday loan wouldn’t be the best fit. We’ve always got you covered for a Nevada loan, no matter what you need. Make sure you don’t choose a payday loan for anything unnecessary, such as impulse buying or funding a vacation.

How can I find a payday loan in Nevada?

You’re already on our website, so you can find one with us! There’s no need to leave home or search countless lenders to find what you need.

We’ve designed our form to give you one easy way to search for a loan. Fill in your details, sit back, and we’ll present you with a competitive payday loan within minutes.

Our network of lenders loan payday funds of $100 upwards, so you can request whichever amount makes the most sense for you – and that you can afford to repay.

Complete our form, and we’ll bring you a quote for a loan from one of our trusted lenders. No need to visit lenders in your home area – you can let Loanza search for you.

We’ll help you find the loan that best fits your needs without the usual hassle. We’ve connected many Nevada residents – and others across the United States – to lenders best suited to approve each request.

Where in Nevada can I apply for a payday loan from?

No matter where you are in Nevada, with Loanza, you can apply for a payday loan online with ease.

Las Vegas
North Las Vegas
Spring Valley
Sunrise Manor
Carson City
Summerlin South
Sun Valley

Spanish Springs
Spring Creek
Boulder City
Gardnerville Ranchos
Cold Springs
Incline Village
Moapa Valley
Johnson Lane

Indian Hills
Lemmon Valley
Silver Springs
West Wendover
Battle Mountain
Nellis AFB
Washoe Valley

Sandy Valley
Topaz Ranch Estates
Amargosa Valley
Smith Valley
East Valley

How long will it take to get a payday loan in Nevada?

Some people get funded within a few hours, but you’ll most likely receive your payday loan in Nevada on the next business day after your request is approved.

We have a single form to complete, so you can save time using Loanza. We’ll hunt through our network of lenders in Nevada and across the United States, searching for the most suitable loan for you.

You’ll receive instant details, and if you make a request to the lender and they approve it, you’ll get your funds within the hour, later that same day, or at the latest, on the next business day.

What if I have bad credit? Does that mean I can’t get a payday loan in Nevada?

Don’t worry – wherever you are in Nevada, from Reno to Las Vegas, Loanza could connect you to a trusted and licensed lender qualified to help. Some of our lenders focus on people who have bad credit or even no credit history yet.

They’ll look at whether you can afford to repay the loan, so if you can prove you have a suitable monthly income and can repay the payday loan in the agreed term, you could still get the cash you need.

What makes Loanza a good choice for finding a Nevada payday loan?

Loanza has put together a trusted and professional network of lenders who can help. You know there are dozens of available options both online and off, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be. Loanza has streamlined the process of connecting you to a payday lender.

We’ve got one online form that takes minutes to complete. Once you submit it, we’ll do the hard work of finding a suitable lender. Here’s what else you can take advantage of when you use our service.

  • Loanza is free to use!
  • Quick and easy to fill in our form
  • No problems if you have bad credit (or no credit)
  • Funding available same or next business day
  • Borrow $100 to $35,000
  • We only work with licensed, qualified, and trusted US lenders
  • Our soft search for loans won’t affect your credit score
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Loanza offers payday loans all across Nevada

Loanza helps borrowers all across Nevada to find a loan offer from a trusted payday lender.


Are you a lender or a broker?

Loanza does not work as a direct lender. Instead, we can connect you to one of the direct lenders in our network, completely free of charge. We’ll find the lender most likely to help you with your loan request.

How much can I borrow in Nevada and for how long?

There is no upper limit on the payday loan value in Nevada. The maximum term for a payday loan is 35 days, and typically these loans are taken out to be repaid in full (plus interest) when you receive your next paycheck.

Loanza can help you borrow from $100 to $35,000 with payday, installment and personal loans overr 1 to 60 months.

Does Nevada impose a price cap on payday loans?

Yes, it does. The most you could legally pay in interest on a payday loan in Nevada is 652%.

How do I make the repayments?

The lender will tell you when they’re due to go out of your checking account. Remember to make each payment on time otherwise you could incur charges.

What happens if I can’t make payment on time?

If you know this is going to happen, talk to the lender. This might mean you could avoid charges if you can make alternative arrangements with them. You might also avoid harming your credit score.

Can I repay the entire loan early?

Yes, it’s possible, but you should speak to the lender to find out about potential early repayment fees first.

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