Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval No Credit Check?

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There is a lot to unpack in that title! People who ask this question usually do so because they know they have a bad credit score. They believe that if they could bypass the credit checks, they could stand a better chance of finding some decent loan offers.

So, if you have come here looking for information on bad credit personal loans no credit check, here is the most important thing you should know - loan lenders do often conduct a credit check. They do so to get an idea of your financial history. Makes sense.

However, there are two ways you can run a credit check. There is a soft credit check and a hard credit check. Let's dive into this topic by exploring those elements now. You'll soon see that when you discover the difference between them, you'll see how a loan lender might use one or both of these.

We're also going to explore other aspects of seeking a loan amount if you have bad credit. So, if you're looking for credit and you want to make sure you're fully up to date with the facts, read on.

How does a soft credit check work?

A soft check means a lender looks at your credit history before considering you for a loan. The difference here is that they do this in a way that doesn't mark your credit history.

Imagine you place your hand very lightly on a bed of sand. A light touch like this won't leave an imprint behind. If anyone comes along after you to look at the same bed of sand, they won't know you've been there. A soft check works in much the same way.

A lender may conduct this type of check to give them more information on whether you'd qualify for a loan with them. Different lenders have different requirements, whether they're credit unions, banks, or payday lenders.

For example, payday loans could be granted with just a soft check, if you meet their loan terms.

Payday loans are based on your ability to repay this type of loan on your next payday. That means proof of earnings is more important to the lender when you are looking at a payday loan.

How does a hard credit check work?

Remember that bed of sand we mentioned earlier? This is the type of check that does leave an imprint for others to see.

A hard credit check means a lender makes an official request to view your credit history. They want to know your credit score before considering you for any personal loans. The same would be relevant if you wanted another form of credit such as a credit card.

They'll want to know your credit score and may have a minimum credit score in mind before deciding whether to lend to you. Depending on the result, they may consider you for bad credit loans rather than those offered to people with a good credit score.

Hard checks mean your credit score will take a hit, reducing it by a few points when the search occurs. That's why we never recommend making lots of loan requests in quick succession.

Do your homework first and then make a request for the loan amount and lender you think makes the most sense for you. It's surprising how much you can find out simply by doing a little research.

Of course, when you come to Loanza, you can rest assured that doing a search will not harm your credit score. We will try to connect you to a lender based on the information you provide.

Just enter the amount you'd like for your loan, choose your reason for looking at loans, and enter your details as required. You could get further details far more quickly than you'd think.

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Permission to see your credit score, please?

One of the most important things to know is that no loans lender can perform this hard search without your prior permission. They can do a soft check without asking, as this gives them an idea 'in principle' of whether they'd lend you any loans or not.

And that doesn't impact your credit score. This is incredibly important to remember.

Whenever you read about a lender offering loans and saying there's no credit check involved, they're talking about the hard check, not the soft one. Always read everything carefully, and remember that most types of loans don't drop into the requester's bank account without a credit check having taken place first.

A simple way to remember how it works

It's the same as you asking 'in principle' if they'd extend you the credit you're looking for. Think of the soft approach as a casual chat between both sides. With the hard check, you're sitting down and getting out the paperwork to take the official approach. It's easier to remember that way!

The bottom line here is that if you make an official loan request, you are essentially giving permission for them to take the hard route with the credit check. If you're just checking - something you'd do by using the Loanza request to find out your options - you're only going for the soft version. This protects your credit record until you've got more information to go on.

Fortunately, Loanza could help in that respect. If you have poor credit, we could help you find the loan amounts you want in a convenient and sensible way.

Do all lenders run a credit check before deciding whether to lend to you?

It depends on the type of loan you're going for. Most do require a credit check with one of the major credit bureaus to find out your credit score. However, auto loans don't fall into this category and neither do payday loans.

You might wonder why this is. With an auto loan, your cash advance is secured on the vehicle you are buying. This makes it a form of secured loan.

So, if you don't pay back the loan, the lender will likely seize your vehicle to get their money back. They know that if you don't pay up, you've got something of value that would help clear the outstanding debt.

As for payday loans, these are short term loans. With these loans, you'd usually need to prove your income by showing payslips or something similar before you're accepted or given loan approval by the lender.

If you take out a payday loan, you need to be sure every cent is repaid when you receive your next paycheck. There could be high interest rates and other rates and fees involved if you don't.

You should be very careful before accepting the repayment terms on any personal loan. They can differ hugely from one personal loan to another.

It's reassuring to know you could get approved for loans aimed at people whose credit record could be improved, but don't rush into anything.

Lots of things vary. The loan term, the interest rate, the amount you repay each month if the loans run longer than a month... bear in mind all this along with other aspects we'll mention shortly.

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Make sure you understand the terms of each loan before you find out more

Some people with bad credit consider a payday loan rather than a regular personal loan. It's still a type of loan, of course, but the attraction is the soft check rather than the hard check on your credit history. It's easy to see why some people would prefer that when looking for a loan amount.

However, you ought to be aware that a payday loan could incur high interest rates when compared to a regular personal loan that does require a check on your credit score.

Of course, some people find the extreme short term payday loans are better if they just need some cash to get them through until their next paycheck arrives in their checking account.

Is there any such thing as guaranteed approval?

This is the other important part of the title we've yet to cover. The answer is no, and it is important to keep this in mind when you're hunting for a bad credit loan.

It's simple enough to work out why people with poor credit like the sound of guaranteed approval for a loan. Of course, there is no such thing - and that really is something we all need to be clear on.

It doesn't matter how much you might like to be told a lender provides guaranteed approval on a personal loan or any other loan amounts, you won't be able to find it. It doesn't exist.

Even with soft checks for limited loan types, there is no guaranteed approval for even the smallest loan. Amounts range from small to large sums from many lenders, including those offered by a credit union or bank.

But none - read none - offer guaranteed approval. The loan term, potential origination fee, interest rate, lender, and amount loaned... none of these things influence the approval status. Remember that as you begin looking at your options for loans.

Be alert for scam online lenders

People with bad credit could be more likely to skip doing their due diligence when exploring the chance of receiving online loans. While there are many reputable loan lenders around, we all know there are unscrupulous people out there too, offering tempting loans via website or app (application).

Process that information for a second - and remember that if someone says something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You've heard that saying, we're sure!

Rationally, you know it's true, too - but it's hard to remember when you see something that really has some appeal. And you can bet that in this situation, those loans are going to feel appealing to you.

It is easy to set up a website that looks professional yet is anything but. Even if unscrupulous lenders are quickly caught out and taken out of business, some people could be fooled before that time. Those with bad credit are more likely to be urgently looking for a bad credit loan.

A website that tells them they can get guaranteed approval for whatever loan amount they need is going to seem like a dream come true. Important aspects such as credit checks, an origination fee (if applicable), and interest rates may be skimmed over with these 'loans'.

Yet we know it could turn into a nightmare. Always exercise caution and only use lenders that you know are genuine. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau exists to protect Americans from unscrupulous lenders and financial companies. This helps weed out the scam artists... but they are still out there, so be careful you're not caught out by one while searching for loans.

This is where Loanza could save you time when you're looking for credit - and keep you safer too. We cannot assure you of guaranteed approval for a bad credit loan, of course.

However, our experience in the industry and connections with our lending partners could give you a better chance to get a loan to help solve your financial problems.

The trade-off with bad credit loans and interest rates

Here's something worth remembering: Just because you have bad credit, it doesn't automatically exclude you from being considered for a loan. That probably sounds reassuring, and it should be.

There are no guarantees you'll find what you need, but you should know that you still stand a chance of spotting a reasonable offer.

Let's say you look for some potential loans via a website or app (application). Process the information that comes with each one, so you can think about where you stand.

Now, if you had good credit, you'd be more likely to see lower interest rates than you would if you had bad credit. A low credit score could affect your chances of getting a loan.

However, a low credit score could still give you a chance of a loan, albeit at higher interest rates. Something to bear in mind.

Does this mean you're going to have a steep interest rate for bad credit personal loans?

It is likely to be higher, yes. However, you can still shop around to compare bad credit loans before making a loan request to get one. Bad credit personal loans vary widely, even with various deals from the same lender.

It's the same with credit cards. You could see a typical APR (annual percentage rate) for a credit card. However, that may not be the interest rate you're offered if you make a request for that credit card. The same applies to other loan amounts and sources of credit too.

However, even though increased interest rates tend to be more common for those with bad credit, you've still got the chance to compare these bad credit loans. If you don't do this, you could get a loan that costs you more than it needed to.

If you're not sure where to begin with bad credit loans, our convenient online service is here to help. We're here to connect you to a lender fast and easy, regardless of your credit score. Speed up the process of looking for personal loans with Loanza. Try it today and see what you think!

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How quickly could you receive the cash advance you're after?

If you request one of the bad credit loans on the market today, the cash could be put into your checking account as soon as the next business day following the agreement.

You'd then meet your monthly payments on the loan, sticking to the repayment terms you agreed upon beforehand. The interest rate would determine the amount of interest you'd pay each month, too.

Of course, if you went for a payday loan, you'd repay the entire amount on your next payday. You'd still be likely to receive your cash advance into your bank account on the next business day, though.

Getting bad credit loans on the following business day after approval is important for many people looking at such loans. They might be in a hurry to get that cash. People do use them for many reasons.

For example, they might need to clear a credit card balance (or even several credit cards that are maxed out). They might find a more competitive deal - even with a bad credit loan - that could help them manage some debt consolidation.

This is when you get one loan to pay off several other loans such as credit card balances or other debts. Hence you consolidate the debt - you still have it, but debt consolidation could get you a cheaper interest rate.

Why compare bad credit loans?

Comparing personal loans for people whose credit scores may not be ideal, could help save money.

It can feel frustrating when you want to get a loan, especially if you need the cash urgently. Yet rushing into a loan request could result in paying more interest on your loan amount.

All loans, from short term to long term ones, should be evaluated prior to making a request. Even a slightly lower interest rate could result in more affordable monthly payments, whether your loan is from a credit union or one of many other online lenders offering installment loans.

Even with low credit, you've still got an opportunity to shop around.

Points to consider when you look at a loan with bad credit

It doesn't matter what source of credit you're looking at, from credit cards to credit unions and through to personal loans from other lenders.

Know the difference between a secured loan and an unsecured personal loan

Secured loans are supported by something of value. An auto loan is secured on the car; a mortgage is secured on the house. Unsecured loans aren't supported by anything, therefore they usually incur higher interest to account for the additional risk taken on by the lender.

Always check the loan terms and conditions

Yes, the small print... no one likes it but it's vital that you read it. It tells you all about the facts and features of each loan. Don't sign unless you are happy you understand it all and you're agreeing to the terms.

Know your FICO score ahead of time

This gives you a far better idea of whether you really do have poor credit or whether it could be a little better than you think. Some credit bureaus work with the score, revealing it to lenders who make a hard credit check.

Bad credit scores are those falling below the good area on the range. Anything from 670 to 850 is good or better. Credit scores falling within the 580-669 range are considered fair. If yours falls below this, it is considered poor.

You can see then that you might have a fair or poor result depending on the facts in your credit history. Lenders regularly look at credit scores to help them understand whether someone could be a good or bad risk for credit or loans.

If your score is currently just below the 580 marker for the fair credit range, it might be worth seeing if you can edge it upwards.

There are various ways you can do this, such as paying off any existing debt on credit cards or other loans. It won't help in emergencies, but it could make a difference if you have a little time to spare.

If you can hold off on any small loans or requests for the short term, you could improve your standing when you do make a loan request.

Could a co signer help?

Okay, so... first of all, what is a co signer? This is someone who essentially signs for a loan with you. You're the one borrowing the money and receiving the loan proceeds. However, the co signer is someone who gives the lender assurance that they'll meet the repayment terms if you fail to.

Think very carefully before taking this route. Most people ask a family member to co sign installment loans with them. If anything happens and you find you cannot repay the loan, it will fall to them to do so. That could put them in financial difficulty - and it could put your relationship on the line too.

When loans are unsecured, it can make it harder to get approved for your desired loan amount. If someone else is willing to sign as a guarantor for a loan, you could consider these types of personal loans as a priority, since they normally have better terms.

Why choose Loanza?

We're straightforward and honest. No hassle and no need to use an app (application). Process is simple when it comes to making a loan request, too.

With our convenient, simple form, it takes only a few seconds to enter the details we need to go off and search for suitable loan offers for you. You're always in control too - you don't need to accept a loan unless you want to. Our service could help you find the loan you're looking for.

As we've seen, even if you have bad credit history, you don't need to worry. We could source specialist lenders who focus on helping people just like you. Our lenders offer many different types of loans, from payday loans, small loans, short term loans, installment loans, guarantor loans (loans guaranteed by a co-signer), long loan term options, debt consolidation loans, secured loan offers, bad credit loans, personal loans, cash advance loans, and the list goes on. We have a wide network of online lenders, so loan amounts are available from $100 to $35,000.

To get a loan via Loanza today, click on one of the "Get Started Now" buttons.

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