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Loan terms are one of the first things you need to consider when you're looking at borrowing loan amounts. Short term loans might suit you, but there are some instances where long term loans could make more sense. Perhaps that's why you arrived on this page. If so, settle back and spend a little longer here. In this article, we're going to explain some of the most important things to consider if you're looking at long term personal loans and thinking about whether they could be relevant for you.

Can you get long term loans with bad credit?

Long term loans, bad credit... are they available? You might get approved for long term personal loans for bad credit if you can show the lender that you can repay the long term loan. Since the lender will review your credit score before deciding whether to give you a long term loan, you should go over your finances and bank statements first.

Sometimes, it may be obvious that you would be rejected for a long term loan. If you think this might be the case, look at whether there are ways you might improve your credit score before making a long term loan request. We'll talk more about this shortly.

Facts you should know about a long term personal loan

Any long term loan you find will have certain elements in common with many other long term loan products. We list a few of the most important things you ought to know here.

Loan amounts vary

Which loan amount would you prefer to borrow if you can? You need to consider the options here. The more the loan amount is for, the higher the repayment per month. You must make sure you can afford the payment, no matter what size it might be. Don't overstretch yourself either. Even if you think you might qualify for a larger sum, be sure you only make your loan request for the amount you need. The lender is in business to lend and to make sure the individuals they loan to don't get behind on their obligations to repay.

Loan terms vary too

3 years, five years, seven years, 10 years... all these and many other shorter term variations exist. You'll find a different rate for each term, with the payment terms varying depending on the time you wish to borrow for. Borrowing for the shortest time would incur the least amount of interest overall. However, it's your business to know whether you could afford the higher monthly repayment.

Any fees to note?

Some loans may have an origination fee involved. This is calculated as a percentage of the amount borrowed over the life of the loan. It may be possible to get loans without this fee, but you're likely to spot a higher interest rate to compensate for the no-fee status.

It's best to compare loans to see whether you could find better rates for one over another before you make a loan request. One business might do things one way while a competitor might take the other route. Only by comparing deals can you hope to find the most appealing one. You should note, though, that if this fee is involved, it's likely that you'll pay it when the loan begins. Bear that in mind so you're prepared if you find a good offer with an appealing interest rate.

Interest rates vary

Rates might vary hugely from one lender to another. The more information you get ahead of making a loan request, the simpler it should be to find a more competitive deal. This applies whether you choose a fixed rate or variable rate. Fixed rates last for a certain time, while variable rates are subject to change at any time. The fixed option means you'll know how much the repayment will be each month.

And of course, with Loanza on your side, you can sidestep the daunting process of shopping around for a loan covering several years. If you've considered the various possibilities and you know this is the right type of loan for your needs, Loanza is here to see if we could help. We aim to make the process of finding actual loans far simpler.

Don't feel daunted - we are here to help you see how you might get access to loan options you could miss if you decided to go it alone and look around online or off.

Loans for business purposes

You may not think of requesting funds for business needs. However, a loan long term possibility could sometimes work for business purposes. If you own a business, you should know there are pros and cons to taking out loans, long term or otherwise. A business loan or a long term loan for your business might be worth considering. As always, though, assess your financial situation and shop around for long term loans direct lender options - something we could help you with at Loanza.

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Which repayment term would suit you?

A longer term loan could last for several years - 10 years, for example, although you may see other terms as well. Some lenders show terms in years, such as 3 years or 10 years, while others may show them in months, such as 84 months. The latter example equates to seven years. You can work out the time for each one by doing some quick calculations if you see months rather than years. You should assess what you can afford, and try to select a term with lower monthly payment terms if you don't have much to spare (these will be the longer-term ones) or go for a lower interest rate offer if monthly payments are not an issue for you.

How soon could you get funds for long term loans with poor credit?

If you do qualify to get a long term loan, how long would it take to receive the funds? With any loan, a long term one or otherwise, whether for business or personal purposes, it's possible to receive funds on the next business day after you make your loan request (subject to acceptance, of course).

Look at interest rates for long term personal loans with bad credit

The rate paid on long term installment loans with bad credit might be higher than you'd see if you could qualify for a loan with a better credit history to back you up. When you source a loan, long term deals are going to involve more interest because you're repaying them over a longer period. However, if you look for long term loans for bad credit (direct lenders might offer such), you should still find some variety in the rate from one to another. You might find it more straightforward to look for long term loans for bad credit direct lender offers via Loanza, as we have connections with several dozen lenders if you qualify for one of their loan offers.

Long term personal loans with no credit check are impossible to find

You need to meet a lender's repayment terms. You also need to keep up with your payments each month otherwise it could harm your credit record. If you've struggled with payments in the past, you might think that long term installment loans, no credit check, would be a way to get around your bad credit history.

Not so. All offline and online lenders are going to check your credit score before officially considering you for any long term personal loan. (This applies to loan terms over the short term too.) With long term personal loans, bad credit histories do not necessarily exclude you from these loan options. However, you may find there are fewer lenders who could consider you as a customer. Yet in all cases, long term loans no credit check won't be available.

You might find search engine results promoting long term installment loans, no credit check, direct lenders. However, you should never take the information in the results to be accurate. They could simply state that there is no such thing as bad credit long term loans guaranteed approval. We hope those details clarify things for you - it's important to understand the situation and to feel reassured that you know what to expect. Remember, the rules are there to protect you.

Furthermore, all lenders and comparison sites need to abide by advertiser disclosure rules. Regardless of where you find a loan on offer, whether at a bank or credit union, each source must adhere to the rules.

Looking for a long term personal loan?

We could help you get connected to a lender within minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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Are long term loans for poor credit better than credit cards?

If you are looking for credit, there may be different ways to find it. For example, some people use credit cards to give them a short loan term to work with. However, there are some caveats to doing this. You would usually pay a higher interest rate on a credit card than you would on a loan. You should only use credit cards for a shorter term, ideally clearing the balance each month. If you leave a balance on there for a longer period of time, you'll end up paying far more interest over the life of the amount borrowed.

Hence why a long term personal loan is often smarter and more affordable on the monthly payments than a credit card. Even if you already have a card, it's worth checking out the potential for a long term loan, so you can see whether the monthly payments are more sensible.

Of course, even long term loans vary markedly in interest rates. The monthly payments vary hugely too from one long term loan to another. That's why it is important to compare the monthly payment you might pay on one long-term loan with the one you may see on another. Whatever term loans you're looking for, a proper comparison between them is important.

Can you still get a long term personal loan with a poor credit score?

Lenders offer various rates and terms for different customers. Lower interest rates typically result in lower monthly payments. This in turn means the total amount repaid across your whole repayment term should be lower.

Your credit score does matter, but there may be long term loans for bad credit that could be suitable. Long term bad credit loans are usually offered by specialist lenders rather than mainstream ones. However, before you put in a loan request, it's best to assess your credit score to see if you can improve it. It's a sensible idea regardless of the loan term you're considering or the loan amount you'd like to get.

Can you put in a request for long term loans online?

Yes, it's possible to do this. Loanza has a network containing over 50 direct lenders. We aim to connect you to long term installment loans direct lenders. Aim to get a suitable rate and repayment amount you can maintain for the life of the loan. Long term installment loans online are far more convenient to look for, and Loanza's service could save you time. If you search alone, it might take longer to find offers you are eligible for and happy with from another bank or lender.

Consider every option today. Even if you do not have good credit, we may be able to bring you loan offers you couldn't find on your own. If you only ever look at your own bank, you could be missing out. Our free service means it might be faster to find loan offers you'd like to review. You could also find a higher acceptance rate (definitely higher than that of a bank). Loanza was designed to improve your chances of finding the loan information you need.

It's our business to be useful. Try us today and see whether you could receive approval for the loan you've been thinking about.

Looking for a long term personal loan?

We could help you get connected to a lender within minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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